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You spend money and energy in communication activities, but results are not visible. Does the company know where it wants to go and why? If the answer is 'maybe…?' Then probably you've given a lot away. There are many ways and means to communicate. Some are inexpensive as well as effective —and we know them. If you have a communication problem, come to Vitamina C. We are PR Specialists and communication consultants. No stress: you must not fail to communicate, but there's a way to communicate well, in an organized and above all efficient way, without wasting your money. Just replace the use of Maalox® by taking the Vitamina C. Our many services are described below.


The Internet has changed the rules of the game.

Today, communicating in the traditional way is no longer enough. Vitamin C is a 2.0 communication agency. We help you create a message that will resonate with your chosen audiences throughout Europe, mixing modern and classic methods to get you the results you want. We specialize in outdoor sports, cycling, fine product design, and interior furnishing. We speak most European languages — a good reason to choose us as a Europe press office: contacting reporters in their own language is priceless! Our Europe-wide contact book has more than 900 journalists in the furniture and design field, 3000 in cycling, and 2500 in outdoor / run / trail running targeted media. These include blogs, websites, webmagazines, app magazines and European opinion leader sites. Contacts are carefully targeted and maintained. Vitamina C subscribes to Media Data and Cision Platforms to ensure that the 'recipients' of your messages are always kept up to date.


"It is impossible not to communicate," Watzlawick stated it in his "Pragmatics of communication": the text dates back to 1967 but things have not changed so far. Of course, you may choose whether to communicate randomly, on a day-by -day inescapable and unpredictable (and poorly manageable) way, or to get organized strategically by analyzing, designing and coordinating your activities against clearly-defined targets. Vitamina C produces strategic communication projects and offers an all-round communication advice. We will help you in "clarifying your communication ideas" and in planning your actions, objectives, budget, resources and time.


TikTok? Instagram? YouTube? Facebook or Pinterest? Today the world has moved online and we have moved with it.

We will manage your presence on social networks with "ad hoc" communication projects, designed on your needs and in tune with your goals.

We can find the best brand ambassadors to convey the right messages for your product and we will manage them throughout the time.

We also offer assistance, if necessary, for the creation of the most efficient, appropriate or effective contents.


A well-organized event can be a decisive moment in your company's life. A product launch, a trade show stand, a press conference, a convention, a corporate party, workshop or webinar — experience really tells when it comes to organizing any of these. Poorly planned, these can quickly become a nightmare and damage your reputation. Vitamina C is a safe pair of hands you can count on to plan and project-manage your event and all related activities, making the most of its potential to energize your communication.


For compelling creative content in all media, look no further than Vitamina C. From a flat-graphics logo to multimedia catalogs and sponsored video content, our multiskilled graphics experts are on hand to infuse every proejct, no matter how small or great in scope, with the creativity that's required to make you visible in today's hectic visual envionment.


Writing is our job. Not only because we take care of PRs, but because the word is our World. Have you ever thought of a corporate newsletter? Or a webzine, a blog, an online storytelling project? We can assist you in all of this and more, by planning concepts and contents. We are also copy-writers, for the web, the media, and advertisements.

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