Vitamina C was founded in 2003 in Turin (Italy) but it is a citizen of the world. We are the anti-oxidants of communication—the ‘Communication Energizer’ that charges up your communication. Actual vitamin C is the ‘mother’ of all vitamins that helps infuse oxygen into the bloodstream, fortifying the immune system and defending against viruses. As the real vitamin C flushes away the oxide coating that dulls and degrades your blood, so the Vitamina C agency sweeps away the stale cast of repetition and reinvigorates your communication. Unafraid to take a bold new approach, Vitamina C provides professional and efficient communication services for any brand, company, organization or events that wishes to stand out, notably in sports, product design, and interior decor.


C for Communication, but also for Claudia. Claudia Vianino. Her story in a nutshell? Languages studies (Italian mother tongue, she is fluent in English, French, Spanish, and German), specialization degree in Marketing at the S.A.A. (Business School of Administration – University of Turin), and a master’s degree in Company Communication at the ‘Istituto Superiore di Comunicazione’ in Milan. Her passion for design led her to create large-scale communication projects for top design companies—and on the other hand she has managed the press office for the Girodonne (Professional Women Tour of Italy). For more than 10 years, she was the communication manager of Gruppo, a lodestar of the professional cycling firmament with the world-renowned Cinelli, Columbus, and Castelli brands. Today, she manages all Vitamina C activities and, as a freelance, contributes to Italy’s top cycle retail magazine Bicitech and to Europe’s leading trade journal, Bike Europe.



With a degree in Science of Linguistic Mediation (2010), Arianna has always been drawn to the world of communication and public relations. First of all because it allows her to interact with everyone, through their mother tongue, and then because she loves to learn about different cultures and points of view. A music lover, in her spare time she enjoys writing, traveling, reading, taking pictures, playing sports and follow the evolution of arts, particularly paintings and sculptures. An Italian mother tongue, she’s fluent in English, French and Spanish, with some German too. She joined Vitamina C in 2010. She is a press officer and our contact point for all sports specialized media.


Daniele, an experienced journalist with a specialization in content marketing, started his collaboration with Vitamina C in early 2020.

He has studied Psychology for Communication in Italy and Germany, and he has a long track record within the Editorial and Publishing sector, as well as working with various Communication agencies.

An Italian and German native speaker, Daniele is part of a polyglot family and a lover of outdoor sports: he is married to a Finnish girl and his passion for the mountains is part of his DNA. He is a runner and a trail runner and spends most of his free time on the trails or diving or playing winter sports. An active traveller and an adventure-seeker, he has dream: to be a campsite owner… one day.




Francescopaolo Tarallo is a storyteller and a journalist with a passion for challenges and new paths to step, not to mention hard-boiled novels and long travels. After leaving Pirelli, where he was responsible for communication worldwide for 13 years, he founded We Are Stories to be told, an international network of comms professionals. Unable to keep quiet as well as to rest, to the current consultancy activity, which includes a close and passionate cooperation with Vitamina C, he writes for some prestigious automotive outlets rejoining himself to the first part of his career, when he worked as a journalist for several newspapers and as a contributor for some lucky and accidental collaboration with BBC and NYT. At night he tries to sleep and when he fails to, he goes to theater, where sometimes he has disastrously acted, and for which he has written a couple of pieces.


After graduating at the Academy of Fine Arts of Brera and a cycling parenthesis as assistant to the president of Cinelli, Tatiana worked for the prestigious Studio Lissoni and Associates. Afterwards she moved to Grey Direct and then to the advertising agency EURO RSCG Milan, where she was in charge of the Citroen brand. In 2008, in partnership, she founded GoodMood Communication Agency. She’s specialized in the art direction of digital graphics works and events organization. Among the many events, she projected the one for the Italian launch of Vernel Crystals and Bref detergents (Henkel). Today, as a freelancer, she works with Vitamin C for web-based digital designs but she can be the perfect partner for an event or corporate meeting. Sport is in her nature: a brilliant water polo player she’s now competing in swimming races.


Massimo collaborates with Vitamina C for all graphic, non-digital, artwork projects. A pure graphic designer by background, Arduini founded the Arduini & Veroni Study in Milan, back in 1993, together with Giuseppe Veroni. The two come from different professional backgrounds but they are complementary: Massimo from the graphic design and corporate identity world, with particular attention to packaging, Giuseppe from the publishing world, with more than a decade of collaboration with Condé Nast Italy and later Arnoldo Mondadori Editore.


Martin Hayman is Vitamina C London correspondent. He has worked as an independent UK marketing communications consultant since 1991. He provides clients with clear, accurate communication, based on a thorough understanding of their business processes and technology. He has planned, written and directed projects for Agency.com, Amstrad, CMG, CSF, EMAP, Goldman Sachs, Hewlett Packard, IBM, IDG Business Verlag, Hewlett-Packard, HSBC Private Equity, Logica, NEC, One 2 One, Securicor, Syngenta, South Staffs Water, and Symantec. In recent years he has enjoyed a switch to the cycling sector, and has consulted to 3T since the famous Italian brand was re-launched in 2007. He is an experienced copywriter for online and offline media, and specializes in making technically or professionally difficult materials accessible to a general business audience. He also consults to senior managers who wish to improve the presentation of large-scale bids and other key sales materials. He speaks French, reads German, and understands the sports pages in Italian. He holds a Master’s degree in English from the University of Cambridge.

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