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Last year 3T started the STRADA project with phase 1: the STRADA TEAM frameset. Earlier this year they added phase 2: the STRADA PRO complete bike. Today 3T is proud to launch phase 3: the STRADA DUE.


"When people talk to us about the STRADA, it is usually the 1x drivetrain that gets the most attention,” Rene Wiertz, CEO of 3T, elaborates. "It’s very visible and a bit controversial, so that makes sense. But as we’ve said from the start, the most important feature of the STRADA is actually that it is the first aero road bike optimized for wider tires, up to 30mm (..)”.


"But when 3T launched the STRADA, we also said it was our concept bike for what an aero road bike would look like in 5 years,” adds Gerard Vroomen, Head of Design at 3T. "Why did we say 5 years and not today? Because we know that some technologies and people need a bit of time.  So 1x already works great for certain people and certain group-sets (..) In other situations, 2x is still preferred (especially with electronic group-sets) -..(..)"


Enter the STRADA DUE, with the same aero and comfort benefits as the original STRADA but designed for electronic 2x drivetrains.

Now riders can enjoy that unique mix of a very stiff, aero frame and the plush ride of up to 30mm tires in combination with the 2x drivetrain of choice.

The STRADA DUE will sit beside the STRADA in 3T line-up and will be available as a TEAM level frameset.

It will also be used by Team Aqua Blue Sport in selected races such as this coming Tour of Austria.


Find all details, in the annexed press release and more information is available at

High Res images are attached.

The 3T STRADA DUE is now on display at the Eurobike Media Days and will be also visible on the 3T booth  B4-309 @Eurobike.



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Just weeks from the launch of Cinturato, the new tubeless-ready tyre for GranFondo on road and light gravel, Pirelli adds a new family of products dedicated to cycling to its already wide catalogue of tyres.
At Eurobike, the most important European fair for the cycling world, taking place from 8th through 10th July 2018 in Friedrichshafen (Germany), the company presents the Cycl-e line dedicated to normal and e-bikes in the urban biking, trekking and tourism sectors.
Pirelli is traditionally dedicated to the development of innovative solutions for sustainable mobility. It couldn’t therefore lack a line of tyres dedicated to electric bicycles, a segment destined to play an increasingly important role in urban mobility.
The line that Pirelli is presenting at Eurobike is made up of 5 new models that, thanks to the synergy between compound, tread pattern and tyre structure, offer safety and driving pleasure in every commuting or touring situation.
• Granturismo
• Downtown and Downtown Sport
• Crossterrain and Crossterrain Sport


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CamelBak®, the global leader and inventor of the hydration pack, has taken its iconic Impact Protection collection to new levels by expanding the range of cargo capacity as well as hidden features not to be overlooked in a brand-new addition to the family.
With volume and cargo capacity growing in this 30 liter pack, the new K.U.D.U.™ Trans Alp boasts a full back Impact Protector with CE Level II (EN 1621-2) protection certification that can withstand impact after impact for the most rugged terrain. This ensures you get what you pay for with a protection pack that lasts longer, thanks to repeated abuse.
Designed specifically for the mountains it is named after, this pack is ready for multi-day adventures and comes equipped with anything riders of all types need, whether human powered or E-Bike assisted. A dual wing belt with pockets and dual sternum straps secure the fit close to your body where the protection can do the most absorbing of the impact energy. No design detail was overlooked on this fully-featured pack, with a 3L Crux reservoir sleeve as well as a specific pocket for a e-battery so you can conquer any mountain, or mountains, depending on where your ride takes you.
A deployable rain cover keeps things dry when you cover the pack on the outside while a bike tool organizer roll keeps your bits and parts sorted on the inside for a speedy repair should something fail.

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The new rh+ sportglasses have been developed together with Wanty-Groupe Gobert professional team riders, ready to start in a few weeks for the 2018 Tour de France with the new Ultra Stylus model. These two new sportglasses feature a super light frame, equipped with long and thin rubber end tips, really comfortable and adjustable thanks to a metal core, for the best ergonomic but also for a fast and safe placement on the helmet.

Thanks to riders’ feedback both models, Ultra Stylus and Super Stylus, equipped with mirrored lenses, are provided also with an orange spare lens, perfect for rainy days as well as for mountainbike, where fast light changes require high technical performances.
All the lenses, mask for the Ultra Stylus and biocular for the Super Stylus, are interchangeable and wide for the best visual and made with highest quality material: all in Optical Class 1, they ensure the highest standard in terms of protection and UV absorption, in compliance with the European safety requirements. That means protection of the eyes against UV rays, responsible for reducing the tear films, dryness and fatigue feeling. In a single word: comfort, even after many hours of sun exposure.Last but not least the Dual-Fit Bridge Nose is adjustable in order to adapt to any face. Color range is really wide, for frames and lenses as well, mirrored and photochromic.


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CloseTheGap is the new, innovative design brand founded by ex-elite rider and tech editor Mathijs Wagenaar.
As an elite rider Mathijs won races in several disciplines, but MTB was his specialty. After his sports career he became an editor for the Dutch cycling magazine Fiets. In an attempt to increase safety and mutual respect among cyclists he came up with the idea of a bell that was so cool that people actually would like to have it.
The HideMyBell concept was born and the official launch of both the CloseTheGap brand and the HideMyBell product took place at the 2018 Eurobike Show (D).
Every proper city bike has a bell, but for a lot of sportive cyclists riding their road bikes that thing is a no-go: it looks stupid, it ruins the aerodynamics and hey, the pros don’t ring either!
Then here comes the HideMyBell. It integrates the bell discretely in an out-front handlebar mount for your bike computer. You don’t see it, but your fellow road users will definitely hear you coming!



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Ekoï has done it again: here comes a new, innovative proposal that goes counter-current and does not follow the usual helmets forms.
Its name is Legende and it is inspired by the legendary Hairnet helmets of the past. Romain Bardet is the only rider in the whole AG2R La Mondiale team to wear this helmet and you can easily spot him in the peloton during this Tour de France 2018. Thanks to the French rider suggestions and feedbacks, Ekoï has developed the current version, now on the market, that weighs 30 g less if compared to the first model supplied to Bardet last year.
Manufactured and refined down to the smallest detail, Legende (French for legend) was designed by French designer Benjamin Blanchard and then engineered and produced in Italy with exclusive Ekoï molds.
Legende has been tested and finalized in the wind tunnel to verify aerodynamics and the aeration of its 28 air intakes and it has been industrialized with 3D CAD technology.
Its shape is modeled on skull shapes based on European skull morphologies.


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Verve Cycling Launches the Track version of the reputed InfoCrank® power meter. Great Britain Cycling team premiered it at the World Championships in Apeldoorn.


The Road InfoCrank® was first released after work with a National Institute of Sport, who immediately requested a Track Version be made.


Five years of study, research and modelling have now resulted in the game-changing Track InfoCrank becoming available to Federations, Clubs, and Track Cyclists all around the world.


The first batch of Cranks have been purchased by Institutes and private individuals who entered into the Pre-production order last year.  Purchasers are from the UK to Australia and include riders and federations from countries such as Switzerland, USA, Canada, Czech, Germany, Hong Kong.    Verve is very thankful for their support in bringing this product to the wider track riding community.


Major support for the project was given by British Cycling on behalf of Great Britain Cycling Team, who will premiere the Track InfoCrank® at the upcoming World Championships in Apeldoorn.  The UCI World Cycling Centre has also supported the project from the beginning as different crank models were built and trialled.   Constructive advice and support was given by both organisations.


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Italian e-mtb manufacturer has appointed Vitamina C as their press office for Italy, Spain, France, Uk and the DACH regions.

Thok is an innovative brand which e-mtb are available online only.



Elastic Interface by CyTech, world leader in the manufacturing of cycling pads is the choice of the best cycling apparel manufacturers. @Eurobike 2018 the brand will introduce new recycled fabrics and an innovative mtb pad. Though there's a lot more to know about chamois, and the newsletter From Comfort to Performance at its first edition will certainly help in supply any important piece of information.

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2600 cyclists coming from 36 different countries of the world: La Fausto Coppi Officine Mattio is one of the hardest and most fascinating granfondos of the European panorama.

During the weekend of July 8 Cuneo, in North-West Italy become the center of the cycling world. Here are all the news, events, and important information about the race.

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